The Camellia Oil industry is significant for its eco-friendly (green) development,
retaining farmland, cultural norms, and protecting resources.
In an effort to retain natural resources, ecological balance, and quality of life, GSX Camellia Oil strives to improve the environment and society by promoting economic, environmental, social, and cultural well-being, offset negative impacts, and improve sustainability and economic return to the camellia plantations and surrounding communities.


Our goal is to limit the waste of precious resources and avoid dumping trash into water supplies or landfills. With sustainability in mind, business and personal decisions are made by considering long-term effects, including the quality of life for future generations. At GSX Camellia Oil, we are proud to offer eco-friendly and sustainable products. This includes the natural oil and its residue; we combine natural resources with advanced technology, maximizing its intrinsic value.
Our Camellia Trees are grown on the hills and mountains in China, which belong to forest lands. Growing camellias for oil production does not compete for arable lands. Instead, the trees help decrease soil erosion in these hilly regions to maintain the integrity and viability of the farmlands, improve air quality, and generate local farmers' income.
Our camellia plantation is designed as an Eco-Friendly project, and we are involved in sustainable camellia development for future supply. This innovative and collaborative approach improves the local populations’ economic and social development while protecting the environment and preventing deforestation caused by social development, climate change, and mountain fires. We are working together to bring the green space back to our communities and grow our economy.
For more information on the utilization of camellia nutshells by-products, please see below