Camellia Oil

Picture of camellia flowers

For centuries, Camellia oil has been a staple for beauty and diet in Eastern Asia. It provides a glowing, healthy complexion, sleek and shining hair, and healthful attributes to the body. Today, Camellia oil continues to offer these highly beneficial qualities for modern skincare and dietary needs.

Our Camellia oil is extracted through careful and strict measures to ensure that we provide you with the best quality oil. 



Healthy Heart

Camellia oil contains 86% oleic acid, which, when consumed, can lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and cancer. It also contains a naturally high level of squalene, that aids the body in lowering cholesterol. 


Our Camellia oil contains no animal byproducts, and provides a great deal of nutrition to our vegan and non-vegan friends alike. It has a balanced Omega ratio of Ω3, Ω6, and Ω9, which serves as a high-quality plant-based fat supplement.


Consuming Camellia oil can help detoxify the body. Not only does it allow better fermentation during digestion, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help your body repair while also improving your immunity. 


Camellia oil is known in Eastern Asia for its ability to improve shine in hair and skin. When used externally, the oil’s permeability has the ability to deliver moisture to the deepest layers of cells. On the skin, it can improve your complexion and reduce scarring, and also improves elasticity. Camellia oil helps reduce split ends, prevent dandruff, and adds a lustrous shine to hair.


Natural Active Substances In Camellia Oil

Camellia Oil has a number or natural active substances beneficial to skincare. Read more in detail about these properties below.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that helps protect the skin by removing free radicals. This means that it protects the skin from environmental factors, such as sun damage, pollution, etc. Additionally, its moisturizing and hydrating properties help soothe the skin.


Squalene boosts anti-aging by delivering moisture to the deepest layers of skin--boosting blood circulation and therefore boosting collagen formation. It also has the ability to even the skin tone and brighten up dark spots.


Much like squalene, Sterols promote collagen production and help fight oxidation.


Polyphenols help protect your skin from damage and can prevent aging. In addition, it prevents oxidation and keeps your pores healthy. It can prevent and treat wrinkles and give you a young, healthy look.


The Camellia has anti-aging and moisturizing properties that promote cell turnover as well as collagen production. Furthermore, it promotes water-retention in skin and hair for a beautiful, natural sheen. 


In addition to battling free radicals, Flavone keeps the camellia oil fresh for as long as possible, maximizing the life of the active substances involved.


Procyanidine acts as an anti-oxidant, preventing free radials from causing damage to the skin.

Coenzyme Q10

This coenzyme helps repair damage to the skin and reduce damage to the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties brighten your complexion by reducing redness and irritation.