Our Story

As a pioneer in the Camellia oil industry, GSX began its plantation in 1999. Our company rapidly became the largest and most reputable Camellia oil and Saponin producer of the era. Since then, we have worked diligently on research & development, investing in the renovation of technology to maximize the value of this ancient and natural source, and creating a zero-waste process.

Grown on the hilly mountainsides of Southern China, and nurtured by Mother Nature for over 2300 years, stands the ancient Camellia Tree. Organically grown and nourished from the elements of air and earth, these magnificent specimens grow peacefully, far away from busy city life. For generations, this miraculous oriental tree has enjoyed the song of streams by day and shining stars at night. Our Mother Camellia Tree is nourished by the clouds, rain, fog, and fertile soil of the earth, five seasons of the year.    


Deeply embedded in China's rich culture, our camellia plantations span nearly forty acres of forest lands in the province of Hunan. The plantations have been designed as an Eco- Friendly project and create income for local farmers. Grown on the hillsides, the camellia trees contribute to the decrease in soil erosion, and add charm and beauty to the surrounding villages. 
Since the early 2000s, GSX has been involved in sustainable camellia development for future supply. This innovative and collaborative approach improves economic and social development for local populations while protecting the environment by preventing deforestation caused by social development, climate change, and mountain fires. We are working together to bring the green space back to our communities and grow our economy.



Our Process

At GSX Camellia Oil, we value extremely high standards for our products. Therefore, we put our materials through a rigorous process to ensure our customers receive a superior product.

We begin by picking the Camellia fruit by hand.
Afterward, the fruits are sorted and filtered, then winnowed to remove dirt or dust. This winnowing process prevents impurities from contaminating the final product.

Following the cleaning process, the Camellia seeds are 100% shelled. Most competitors will shell seeds up to 70%, but completely removing the shells, ensures that our Camellia oil is free from impurities. 

Once the seeds have been shelled, they are cold-pressed and cold-extracted using our patented, award-winning technology. Using this stellar technology, we preserve only the finest and most beneficially active components in our Camellia oil, such as antioxidants, squalene, and much more!


High Quality Products

Our award-winning, patented cold-pressing and cold-extracting technology preserves the finest natural active substances in our materials. We are dedicated to strict screening and testing to offer the most superior products available.