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Keep the Fleas Away with Sasanqua Saponin

  We want the best for our hairy family friends. Recently, many pet owners became aware of the processed pet’s food and their harmful effects on pet health turning to organic foods.  But some owners have considered if they can do more to protect their furry friends. What about fleas control or ticks control without using harmful chemicals? Have you ever heard about sasanqua saponin?  Wait, isn't Saponin Toxic to Pets? Actually it depends. There are different types of saponins that can be derived from different sources. There are some that can be toxic to pets and there are others that are pet friendly. (here's a link to see which is harmful to your pets  The sasanqua saponin is pet...

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What is Sasanqua Saponin?

What is Sasanqua Saponin? Sasanqua Saponin is a glycoside compound extracted from camellia seeds. It consists of an aglycone unit linked to one or more carbohydrate chains. ​The aglycone or sapogenin unit consists of either a sterol or the more common triterpene unit. In both the steroid and triterpenoid saponin, the carbohydrate side-chain is usually attached to the 3 carbon of the sapogenin.​ Sasanqua Saponin is an excellent natural non-ionic active surfactant, with a pH value of 5.0 to 6.5. Saponin can create the emulsion form between the liquid and oils found in organic soaps. Where can Saponin be found? Saponins can be found in most Legumes (various beans and peas), Quinoa, Roots of certain trees, and in Camellia seeds.These each...

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