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Keeping Your Plants Healthy With Sasanqua Saponin

Have you ever struggled with keeping your crops healthy? Are you always finding pests causing decay and destroying your plants? Tea Seed Saponin is a glycoside compound, extracted from Camellia Tea Seeds and is an excellent, natural, non-ionic, active surfactant. A perfect use for Saponin is as an organic molluscicide for gardening and agriculture. Insect infestation can seriously affect food production causing up to a 30% loss in product. These pests feed from your plants and other grains creating decay, destroying the plants. Current use of chemical pesticides can help regain control, but these pesticides have been used so commercially that some pests have adapted to the use and can resist the pesticide. Another big problem is that chemical pesticides can...

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Natural Foaming Agent: Saponin

Saponin is a natural chemical found in most plants, the production of saponins varies depending on the plants. The amazing thing about saponin, since it's found in most plants having versia property in usage. Saponins are used as a flavoring for some medicines, drinks, and even candies because of the unique flavor profile.

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Keep the Fleas Away with Sasanqua Saponin

  We want the best for our hairy family friends. Recently, many pet owners became aware of the processed pet’s food and their harmful effects on pet health turning to organic foods.  But some owners have considered if they can do more to protect their furry friends. What about fleas control or ticks control without using harmful chemicals? Have you ever heard about sasanqua saponin?  Wait, isn't Saponin Toxic to Pets? Actually it depends. There are different types of saponins that can be derived from different sources. There are some that can be toxic to pets and there are others that are pet friendly. (here's a link to see which is harmful to your pets  The sasanqua saponin is pet...

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