Organic Products: The New Necessity in Food & Beauty

As people become more environmentally aware, they tend to pay more attention to the products they’re using. They’re looking for organic, eco-friendly products with recognizable ingredients. We know “organic” products are on the rise and are becoming ever popular, but what is organic?

What is Organic?

When you hear “organic,” you probably immediately think about plants. That’s because organic plants are known for being grown without the use of pesticides or any added synthetic substances. For example, when we grow our camellias, they’re grown without the use of any modification or man-made fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Eco-conscious consumers will look for proof that a product follows these guidelines. While some products may call themselves “clean” or “natural” there’s no legal definition for what that means. When a product is labeled “USDA Organic,” they trust that what they’re getting is 100% free from harmful ingredients.

What’s so great about organic beauty?

Well, what isn’t great about it? 

Let’s compare organic skin care/makeup products to non-organic ones. According to healthline, natural ingredients are safer to use on sensitive skin, are greater for the environment, lowers risk for skin irritation, and often have antioxidants and skin-repairing properties. Some might argue that regular makeup products may have longer shelf-lives and better pigmentation due to synthetic pigments, but non-organic beauty products are more likely to harm the skin and are linked to unfavorable health effects.

What’s so great about organic food?

Organic food has more antioxidants and vitamins, more omega fatty acids, and no cancer-causing synthetic hormones. In
TIME magazine, Professor Rolf Halden of Arizona State University says that vulnerable groups like children, pregnant women, and the elderly may benefit the most from consuming organically produced food. Of course, it’s still important to check the facts for yourself and maintain a healthy diet. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean you can have a lot of it. A candy bar might be organic, but don’t eat 100 of them at once!

What’s the Takeaway?

There are plenty of benefits in organic products. They appear to be safer for both beauty and health, and cause less problems for consumers. 

Using organic ingredients in your products would reduce exposure to synthetic chemicals and possible harmful effects. Instead, organic products often contain more antioxidants and are safer to use.


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