Coconut Oil vs. Camellia Oil: Which is Healthier?

Coconut oil has definitely made a name for itself lately. People have been raving about what it supposedly does for your hair and your skin. What’s even more, it’s become especially popular in people’s diets. But despite all the hype on the web and in magazines, is it really as healthy for you as we think? There’s a few reasons to change your mind, and a much better option out there for you: Camellia oil.

What’s so bad about Coconut Oil?

Harvard professor Karin Michaels gained a lot of attention when she criticized the popular superfood, claiming it was “one of the worst things you can ingest.” Here’s why:

  • Coconut Oil contains more than 80% fat.
  • According to the professor, there’s an extremely high saturated fat content. There’s more fat in coconut oil than there is in beef and lard. This is especially bad, because that means you’ll be raising your harmful cholesterol levels.

  • Coconut Oil can raise your risk of heart disease.
  • As we mentioned earlier, consuming coconut oil would contribute to raising bad cholesterol levels. This leads to the formation of blockages in arteries in the heart. 

    Not as great as we thought, right? So if coconut oil isn’t the miracle food we all thought it was, is what’s a better alternative?

    What’s so good about Camellia Oil?

    Camellia oil is a lesser known, but more beneficial beauty. It’s been used for centuries by Eastern Asian cultures, and is comprised of much better components than coconut oil. Let’s go over the reasons:

  • Camellia Oil can lower risk of heart disease.
  • Camellia Oil (A.K.A. tea seed oil) is comprised of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. According to Harvard Medical School, these types of fats are a much healthier choice, and the Institute of Medicine recommends using them over saturated and trans fats.

  • Camellia Oil helps lower your blood pressure.
  • Because of the high Oleic Acid content in Camellia Oil, consuming it helps lower blood pressure and triglycerides. What’s even better, is that it can reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Camellia Oil helps your body function.
  • Polyunsaturated fats are “essential”, meaning that they’re a necessity for your body to function. They are needed for muscle movement, blood clotting, and inflammation. Not to mention, polyunsaturated fats actually reduce the harmful levels of cholesterol that coconut oil can raise.

    Although coconut oil certainly does have a lot of hype behind it, it’s got its downfalls. Coconut oil is loaded with bad fats that can raise bad cholesterol, but there are options that can provide better benefits with good fats and lower bad cholesterol. Next time, maybe try adding camellia oil to your next shopping list!

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