Millennials' Top 5 Skin Care Concerns

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There’s no doubt that Millennials have played a huge role in shaping the current trends of the beauty industry. But what are their most common skin care concerns, and what ingredients help fix that?

Skin Care

Lately, skin care has been getting a rise on makeup. Rather than focusing on covering up blemishes, the focus is now on getting rid of them completely. When it comes to skin care, millennials tend to have the same common skin care concerns. According the Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine, the top five concerns are:


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Acne is the biggest skin concern among millennials. This is something they share with the younger generation, A.K.A. Generation Z. There are plenty of factors that contribute to adult acne, including diet and stress. They often look for products including benzoyl peroxide, which fights acne-causing bacteria and increases cell turnover.

Dark eye circles

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According to an infographic by the Benchmarking Company, over half of Millennial consumers use eye cream in their daily skin care routines. In another study by the Global Cosmetic Industry, 56% of Millennials who are not yet using eye cream would be interested. The most popular brightening ingredients are Vitamin C and Retinol.

Uneven Skin Tone

Woman with uneven skin tone

This can vary from hyperpigmentation to acne scars. Generally, consumers will look for exfoliation, and products that can promote collagen production and cell turnover. Camellia, often used in green tea, can help by fighting off free radicals and by reducing redness and irritation. It contains Coenzyme Q10, anti-oxidants, and squalene, which all help in keeping the skin healthy and boosting collagen production. Furthermore, like in the treatment of dark circles, users look for Vitamin C and retinol to even the pigmentation in the skin.

Large Pores

Close-up of Large Pores

Large pores are usually caused by increased sebum production, acne, non-comedogenic makeup, and even sun damage. Consumers use sunscreen and exfoliants to minimize the appearance of pores. Furthermore, they may seek out non-comedogenic (meaning non-pore-clogging) moisturizes to keep their skin hydrated and prevent oily skin. 

Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Nobody likes the signs of aging. For this, millennials seek out sunscreen, retinol, Vitamin C, and coenzyme q10.

What else do Millennials consider when buying products?

One of the biggest factors that plays into a consumer’s purchase is whether or not it is eco-friendly. According to a survey conducted by Linkage Research & Consulting, nearly one-third of all Millennials are buying plant-based, organic, sustainable products, and nearly half of all Millennials purchase cosmetics free of synthetic chemicals. Additionally, another important factor is whether or not the products are vegan, cruelty-free, or both. 

As younger generations become more environmentally aware, they become more conscious of the products that they are buying. They look towards brands that emphasize natural, cruelty-free, clean beauty. For skin care, we recommend our certified, organic camellia oil. It helps fight acne, brightens the skin, retains moisture, and promotes collagen in both hair and skin. 

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